Advice for canvassing... from a guy who knocked on 100,000 doors.

In the last ten years I have knocked on some 100,000 doors.

Between over 15 campaigns in various roles I might’ve learned one or two things. I’ve put together a top ten list of what you should think about.

With campaigners fanning out across Alberta as I write this blog I hope that it’ll help you get involved and enrich your experience doing an incredible thing for our democracy.

That one time Justin Trudeau read my blog...

Here is the post below that I wrote in response to some of the criticism I received on another blog post after the 2011 election. That initial post was on the building of political organizations and where to direct investments.

This blog post by @vsp nails it: Like it or not, centrism isn't a winning strategy in the current state of #cdnpoli — Susan Delacourt (@SusanDelacourt) May 11, 2012
Here is that second post that Prime Minister Trudeau was kind enough to share:

Over the last week I have gotten a lot of rather angry emails and notes speaking in opposition to my thoughts written about in my blog post last week on the Liberal Party of Canada. It has to do with the issue of centrism in Canadian politics and I do not believe I have been that clear on the subject.

First of all I would like to note that there is a clear demarcation between my opinion on a party's electoral strategy and what is required to build up the party. Particularly being a centrist pa…

The stuff that bothers me.

I just donated $1,550 to Kent Hehr's re-election bid and let me tell you why.

I made the donation right after reading this posting on the Conservative’s page. It talks about how the Conservatives own my city.

Specifically, that the citizens of Calgary belong to the Conservatives. This bothers me.

It bothers me a lot.

I’m all about the sunny ways, but sometimes being sunny means taking a light and showing the differences between two choices. And it’s clear as day, in my opinion.

Their post shows it isn’t about hard work. It isn’t about good representation. And it isn’t about bringing attention to the needs of those in our communities in the national government. But what it is about – is that arrogance. That absurd self-assuredness that comes from winning election after election, year after year, and taking the city for granted. It’s about being able to run a lump of potatoes with a blue pin and winning in a landslide.

It’s also what let the federal government to not fulfill its pr…

Don’t be a blogger.

You should really be careful what you post online.

In some ways it’s worked out for me. Two Canadian Blogging Awards later (2012, 2013, for political blogging no less), a lot of good work encouraging people to get involved in their democracy, and more, it has had its positive moments. I also now type this from our nation’s capital, and one piece of the puzzle that put me here was my writing.

However, in other ways it hasn’t been in my best interest.

If you’re a young politico or a blogger-to-be, take heed.

Reading over posts from years ago – when I first began in 2004 when I was fourteen – I simply have to shake my head. It’s not only grammar, pacing, and tone. I also missed a lot: most of my analysis was trite and simple.

And I’m not sure if I’m much better now.

But if I didn’t share it online it wouldn’t be following me a decade and a half later. In fact, I’ll probably be reading this sentence in a decade. People grow and their opinions change – as they should. And, really, as they must.

Inspired local leadership.

I have had the pleasure of working with Kent for a few years now. I first met him when I was starting out as a young liberal at the University of Calgary, and then again while I was working as his mother’s campaign manager in her successful 2013 run for trustee. Now I know him through both professional and volunteer ties.

In every action he has taken I have seen aspects of leadership guided by a firm core of beliefs. It’s an incredibly rare thing to have both principle and the drive to enact those principles in a single person. I am in awe of Kent and the work that he does.

In the last six months I have heard on the doors, over the phone, and with plenty of people that he is the second coming of Sheldon Chumir, a Liberal MLA from nearly twenty years prior in this very same seat, who advocated for those very same values that have inspired me to be involved.

These values of prizing civil liberties – access to justice, freedom from persecution, and the value of human dignity – are core conc…