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Second chances.

Some people have nightmares about missed math finals or finding oneself naked on a stage.

Nope, not me.

The thing that keeps me up at night is a speech from half a decade ago. I was given two minutes to present on a topic. I was sweating. My hands were shaking. No PowerPoint, ill-prepared, and in the eyes of not my peers but those who I wanted to join one day: I was in front of a group of Rotarians to talk about the idea of post-partisanship.

I committed the worst sins imaginable by a speaker. Aside from little preparation, I jumped from idea to idea, not clearly speaking and, of course, mumbling. I didn't stand straight, and I didn't look into the eyes of the audience. I didn't dress well. Nor did I take the time to really parse my thoughts to fit the time I was given: it was a two minute slot in the wake of a larger presentation by a prominent local politician. Of course, I went five minutes over time, cutting into the local Member of Legislative Assembly's presenta…