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Alberta's election laws.

This is a letter that I have forwarded to several Members of Legislative Assembly on the subject of a committee that's being struck on the subject of Alberta's elections laws, FOIP, and whistle-blower legislation. My letter focuses on Alberta's elections laws.

This is a letter with regards to the upcoming committee on Alberta’s election laws.

Firstly, there is a fundamentally warping influence that obscene levels of money have on the political discourse. When we speak on the public good and having a voice in the political process the influence of money warps this dialogue. The destructive effect of vast sums of political donations, from specific special interests and from individuals can shape public policy to benefit their own private goals rather than consider the public good

Alberta has often been called the wild west of campaign contributions and with good reason. It is worse here in Albertan provincial elections than anywhere else in Canada. In Alberta campaign donations…