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The stuff that bothers me.

I just donated $1,550 to Kent Hehr's re-election bid and let me tell you why.

I made the donation right after reading this posting on the Conservative’s page. It talks about how the Conservatives own my city.

Specifically, that the citizens of Calgary belong to the Conservatives. This bothers me.

It bothers me a lot.

I’m all about the sunny ways, but sometimes being sunny means taking a light and showing the differences between two choices. And it’s clear as day, in my opinion.

Their post shows it isn’t about hard work. It isn’t about good representation. And it isn’t about bringing attention to the needs of those in our communities in the national government. But what it is about – is that arrogance. That absurd self-assuredness that comes from winning election after election, year after year, and taking the city for granted. It’s about being able to run a lump of potatoes with a blue pin and winning in a landslide.

It’s also what let the federal government to not fulfill its pr…