The stuff that bothers me.

I just donated $1,550 to Kent Hehr's re-election bid and let me tell you why.

I made the donation right after reading this posting on the Conservative’s page. It talks about how the Conservatives own my city.

Specifically, that the citizens of Calgary belong to the Conservatives. This bothers me.

It bothers me a lot.

I’m all about the sunny ways, but sometimes being sunny means taking a light and showing the differences between two choices. And it’s clear as day, in my opinion.

Their post shows it isn’t about hard work. It isn’t about good representation. And it isn’t about bringing attention to the needs of those in our communities in the national government. But what it is about – is that arrogance. That absurd self-assuredness that comes from winning election after election, year after year, and taking the city for granted. It’s about being able to run a lump of potatoes with a blue pin and winning in a landslide.

It’s also what let the federal government to not fulfill its promise to invest in flood mitigation for the city. It’s what let the federal government ignore the city on infrastructure. It’s why there wasn’t a single unit of affordable housing built since 2010 in Calgary until a change of government at the provincial and federal levels. It’s why a party that was against marriage equality in 2015 felt it could proudly march in Calgary’s pride parade while quashing LGBTQ rights legislation. That very same party has now graduated to a non-position on marriage equality, a full decade after the Martin government passed C-38.

Then, add in not a single pipeline to tidewater built by the last government – land locking the province and hurting our industry.

This is just a short list of the things that bother me.

And, if you’ve been following along, it’s a list that have been getting the attention of Kent and Trudeau’s team in the last two years: in putting $200m of projects into action for flood mitigation in Alberta; investing more dollars into Alberta infrastructure in the last two years than the last 6 five years combined; putting to work $40 billion for the next ten years into affordable housing as part of the National Housing Strategy (announced last month, read more about it at; and moving the chains of justice forward with passing legislation that will add protections for trangender Canadians into the human rights act and criminal code it through Bill C-16 (and having the Government of Canada give an historic apology to Canada’s LGBTQ citizens).

On the infrastructure and building the province, Edmonton Liberal MP Amarjeet Sohi is leading as Canada’s Infrastructure Minister. On the LGBTQ file, Special Advisor to the PM on LGBTQ issues and Edmonton Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault is on point, leading the charge for a fairer nation. Alberta caucus is leading the charge on all of the above points.

And on the pipeline file? Let me give you some key pipelines that have been approved and are being built right now: Keystone XL, Line 3, Kinder Morgan, Towerbirch, NGTL Expansion, and more. It’s surprising what can be done if you actually take on the issues like reforming the National Energy Board, Environmental Assessments, working with international partners, restoring protections in the Fisheries Act, actually having the carbon conversation, investing in innovative clean technologies (that Alberta is leading in, by the way), and a nation-to-nation relationship with the First Nations leaders across this country.

It’s a multi-pronged, game-changing strategy that is winning accolades in Houston, rebranding Canada abroad, and getting market access while actually answering the carbon conversation that the Conservatives had ignored for so woefully long. Where in the last government the oilsands was almost banned in Europe (short one vote), a new gold-standard in progressive trade agreements was signed that has eliminated 98% of the tariffs between the EU and Canada.

Kent is why I knocked on 25,000 doors in the last election, why I’ll likely be hitting as many if not more in the next, and why I tonight I am pitching in to the 2019 campaign to get him re-elected.

I invite you to do the same.

Here's the link:…

Deadline for contributions for the 2017 tax year is midnight on the 31st.