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On Gay Straight Alliances

This is the letter I have submitted to the Gay Straight Alliance consultations by the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association on Bill 10.

There are three core facts to be acted on for our province when examining Bill 202 and Bill 10.

Firstly, the evidence in support of Gay Straight Alliances is overwhelming. Permitting Gay Straight Alliances in schools where and when students want them demonstrably reduce the rates of suicide. So much so that rates for suicide ideation collapse by half for heterosexual males. When we reduce bullying for one population its knock-on effects can be seen for the greater whole.[1] We all benefit when we value human life and accept other people in a pluralistic society.

If we live in a society where we value human life we must take a clear stance and support these students just as they come into adulthood. It’s here where many are the most fragile in their identities and must be supported.

Secondly, there is a fundamental freeze in the behaviour of those…