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The Canadian Club.

For those not in "the know," the Canadian Club is a series of clubs from all over Canada that share in the mission to encourage and foster patriotism, Canadian unity and Canadian identity. Our particular club is a catalyst for conversations for Calgarians to talk about what it means for them to be Canadian, and where Calgary fits in this greater national discourse. For the last 110 years it has also been bringing speakers in to speak to its members and more recently we've hosted such luminaries as Premier Jim Prentice, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, and Hon. Jason Kenney.

Each spoke about different ideas and their involvement in the greater debates of our society. For Justin Trudeau, it was the interrelationship between our industry and our environment, and the nation building and leadership we need to engage in to further it. Minister Kenney spoke on multiculturalism, immigration and the way we integrate our newest citizens in Canada so that we may all flourish and live…