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Inspired local leadership.

I have had the pleasure of working with Kent for a few years now. I first met him when I was starting out as a young liberal at the University of Calgary, and then again while I was working as his mother’s campaign manager in her successful 2013 run for trustee. Now I know him through both professional and volunteer ties.

In every action he has taken I have seen aspects of leadership guided by a firm core of beliefs. It’s an incredibly rare thing to have both principle and the drive to enact those principles in a single person. I am in awe of Kent and the work that he does.

In the last six months I have heard on the doors, over the phone, and with plenty of people that he is the second coming of Sheldon Chumir, a Liberal MLA from nearly twenty years prior in this very same seat, who advocated for those very same values that have inspired me to be involved.

These values of prizing civil liberties – access to justice, freedom from persecution, and the value of human dignity – are core conc…