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That one time Justin Trudeau read my blog...

Here is the post below that I wrote in response to some of the criticism I received on another blog post after the 2011 election. That initial post was on the building of political organizations and where to direct investments.

This blog post by @vsp nails it: Like it or not, centrism isn't a winning strategy in the current state of #cdnpoli — Susan Delacourt (@SusanDelacourt) May 11, 2012
Delacourt (the journalist in the above noted tweet) also wrote an article in the Toronto Star, calling my scribbles as "one of the most intriguing posts about the Liberals’ future." You can read her thoughts here.

Here is that second post that Prime Minister Trudeau was kind enough to share:

Over the last week I have gotten a lot of rather angry emails and notes speaking in opposition to my thoughts written about in my blog post last week on the Liberal Party of Canada. It has to do with the issue of centrism in Canadian politics and I do not believe I have been t…