50 videos in support of small business.

I have spent the last year filming segments with the Member of Parliament for Calgary Centre, Kent Hehr.

And we just finished our 50th video.

Each one of them have been with local business and community leaders to highlight their work.

From sport facilities, to vegan bodegas, to your neighbourhood hairstylist, and to autoshops, it is a showcase of incredible businesses.

Some were started yesterday (like the new UPS franchise on 8th). Others have been community members for 20+ years (like the Daily Globe). Some are international stops (ei: Beat It, a drum retailer), and others are bringing Canadian hugs to the world (example: Hippo Hug).

Some are trying to save the planet - like ReWorks Upcycle - and some are saving the soul: such as Sanctuary Coffee.

We even did a lemonade stand (no business is too small: it can only grow!).

It has been one of the highlights of my work with Kent.

Let me tell you why.

Firstly, if you're running a small business, you're successful if you know your community. For a representative, knowing the people who know what's going on -- that helps you not only do a better job, but understand your constituents better. The next time you're in your local small business, chat up the owner and/or their family. You'll be surprised what you learn about.

Secondly, as a person who ran a small business for a couple of years (a liquor store and also some rentals), it's been an absolute ball chatting with these passionate folks who are putting their all into their communities. Every business owner hasn't just been running a business - they're part of the vitality of their community. Either their donate their time, their talent, or their dollars to making their communities a better place.

And listening to them have always been a great time.

Finally, and I'm not entirely sure if I'm allowed to have a favourite one, but I wanted to share my favourite segment: Hippo Hug's interview with Kent. Watch as he sits down with Niki to chat about all things weighted blankets and weighted stuffed animals, which have given thousands of Canadians and around the world a better night's rest.

All in all - give all of these small businesses a watch, and definitely drop in to visit.

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